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November 28th - "The Gift of Light and Life"
November 28th - The Gift of Light and Life.mp3Pastor Tony
00:00 / 39:23

Discussion Questions:

1. What is one thing that stood out to you from this sermon?
2. Why do you think the church spends four weeks every year talking about the coming of Christ?

    Does Advent mean anything more?  If so, why?  If not, why not?
3. How would you explain the incarnation to someone who has never heard of it?
4. How does the incarnation affect your daily faith?
5. Why does it even matter if Jesus is divine?

December 5th - "The Gift of His Presence"
December 5th - The Gift of His Presence.mp3Pastor Michael
00:00 / 45:35

Discussion Questions:

1.  What is one thing that stood out to you from this sermon?
2. Who here is familiar with the tabernacle?  Anyone willing to admin they aren't familiar with it?  
3. What was the Tabernacle and what was its purpose?
4. When John says Jesus "tabernacled" with us, does that help you understand what it means that

     he was among us?
5. What are some of the gifts John says we gain from Jesus dwelling among us?  How can you

    experience those in your life?
6. How is God's gift of grace counter to some of the other Christmas messages we hear?

December 12th - "The Gift of Forgiveness"
December 12th - The Gift of Forgiveness.mp3Pastor Michael
00:00 / 40:41

Discussion Questions:

​1. What is one thing that stood out to you from this week's message?
2. What is your favorite Christmas movie?  What is the central message of that movie?  How do these movies shape our understanding of Christmas?
3. What are the two gifts we are given from God that are named in this passage?
4. What does the mission of Jesus tell you about the heart of God?
5. How can we help spread the message to others this time of year?

December 19th - "The Gift of Contentment"
December 19th - The Gift of Contentment.mp3Pastor Michael
00:00 / 41:25

Discussion Questions:

​1. What  is  one  thing  that  stood  out  to  you  from  this  week’s  message? 
2. Do  you  think  it  is  accurate  or  inaccurate  to  compare  Buddy  the  Elf’s preparations  for  Santa  to  our  

    own  preparations  for  Christmas?  Why? 
3. What  is  the  best  Christmas  gift  you  ever  received  growing  up?  Why  was that  one  so  great? 
4. What  is  the  best  Christmas  gift  you  ever  gave  to  someone?  Why  was  that one  so  great? 
5. Why  do  you  think  Jesus  is  greater  than  any  of  that? 
6. Is  he  greater  than  any  of  that  (in  reality)  in  your  life?

December 24th - Christmas Eve
December 24th - Christmas Eve.mp3Pastor Michael
00:00 / 30:35
December 26th - The Gift of Renewal
December 26th - The Gift of Renewal.mp3Pastor Michael
00:00 / 33:59
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