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Sermon Series: Unshakable

October 3rd - Set Apart

Discussion Questions:

  • When is it hard for you to make the right decision?

  • Do you depend on God when you are in those situations? Why or why not?

  • This week, what is one way you can start making decisions based on what is right?

October 10th - Faith for Now and not Yet 
October 10th - "Faith for Now and not Yet"Pastor Michael
00:00 / 49:51

Discussion Questions:

  • What is something you are faced with that seems nearly impossible?

  • What can we learn from Daniel’s radical faith in God?

  • What is one step we can take to grow our faith with the help of the Holy Spirit?

October 17th - Through a Fiery Trial

Discussion Questions:

  • Have you ever been protected from something dangerous? Have you ever protected someone else from something dangerous?

  • Where have you felt God’s presence and protection in your life? Where do you need it now?

  • Do you feel close to God? If not, what is one step you can take this week to begin growing closer to God?

October 24th - Pride Destroys, God Restores

Discussion Questions:

  • Have you accepted Christ as your Savior?

  • Does your life reflect the life of Christ?  Why should your life reflect your faith?

  • Where can you be a better witness to what God has done in your life?

October 31st - Facing Fear, Finding God

Discussion Questions:

  • Where is God asking you to be faithful?

  • What is something you're ready to quit but you need to keep working at?

  • What fears or discouragements do you need to give to God that are keeping you from sticking to it?

November 7th - Pray at all Costs

Discussion Questions:

  • What is one way I can shift my dependence from people and popularity to Christ?

  • What is one place in my life that I'm trying to manipulate the situation to be what I want, but I need to shift my focus to what God wants?

  • How did that work for Daniel, and how could that work for me?

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