KidsPoint is the children's ministry of LifePoint Church for children from infancy to fifth grade. 

KidsPoint is back at the 9am service!

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Jesus loves your kids, and so do we. Your toddlers will play! Through songs and Bible stories, they will learn about how much Jesus loves them. We make much of them, and much of God! Your Pre-K stars will do the same things, with a little more structured learning time. At this age, kids are like sponges, and we want them to soak up the awareness that Jesus loves them and wants to be their forever friend.



Energy!!! We love the energy elementary kids bring, and that is why we invite them to worship with their family after signing into KidsPoint. After worship, these kids are invited to run down the center isle of church on their way back to class. In class, there is ALWAYS a Bible story and sometimes there is an object lesson, craft, game, video clip, and weather/time permitting, playground time. Running in church and playground time…what is this? For kids, this is fun, and it’s the heart of Jesus for our children.



Have you noticed that your 4th and 5th graders are getting taller? Pretty soon they may be eye to eye…and they have questions! Well, so do we. Every week your kids will see a fun, engaging video discussing a relevant Biblical truth. Then comes the fun part, we get to ask the questions! Questions that drive your kids to come up with answers, and teachers that are passionate about guiding them to what God says about these questions.

PARENTS: Looking for some homeschooling resources and at-home activities during this time? Check out our Pinterest page here,

our lesson resources for the week here, and our video lesson here!

New to LifePoint Church?

No worries. Checking your children into KidsPoint is easy! Just follow the KidsPoint signs down the hall and one of our amazing volunteers will greet you at the KidsPoint desk and show you everything you need to know.

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