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Our Leadership

Michael Rogalski


Pastor Michael and Angela absolutely love what they get to do with God at LifePoint! From teaching God's Word, to leading us into God's vision for the church, to caring for people, they love being part of something bigger than themselves. Other than being married to each other and parenting four awesome kids, Michael and Angela are passionate about pointing people to the full life that is found in Jesus Christ.


Scott Decker


With a heart for servant leadership, Scott loves to help and serve others in all he does. He is a retired Coast Guard officer with 26 years of service, including 12 years at sea and command of two cutters. He has been married to Jenn for 22 years and they have been blessed with three awesome children: Elissa, Emily and Christian. Enjoying the outdoors and model railroading, Scott has a passion for making sawdust – from bird houses to home renovations – especially when it involves helping others meet a need.


Ashley Heard


Ashley loves Jesus and loves people! She has the heart of an encourager and desires to share the hope and joy that is found in Jesus. Ashley is a music teacher by trade and loves working with youth. She is excited to work with the youth ministry, pointing them to life in Christ and cultivating authentic Christian community amongst our youth. Ashley enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She is also loves to watch sports and is a huge fan of all Washington DC teams (especially the Washington Football Team).

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Tony Heard


Pastor Tony loves God and loves people. He is a preacher and a teacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is a passionate encourager and is excited about being one of God's servants in the body of Christ. Pastor Tony's best friend is wonderful wife of 36 years Althea Heard. He adores her along with his two awesome daughters Nicole and Ashley. The Heard Team loves to spend time together as a family. Pastor Tony enjoys all sports whether it be football, basketball, baseball, or hockey. He is a former musician and still loves music, but his greatest passion is working for the Kingdom of God helping people to grow in Christ spiritually.


Brandon LoSchiavo


Pastor Brandon is passionate about helping people learn more about God - whether they are believers or unbelievers, he wants to help you grow closer to Jesus. Have questions about Christianity? Ask him! Answering your questions is one of his favorite things to do. Brandon absolutely loves helping lead the youth ministry at LifePoint Church and is happy to serve anywhere else he can. He is bi-vocational and works in the heavy equipment rental field for his "day job". Brandon is married and has two kids with his wonderful wife Brittani who is always challenging him to grow deeper in his faith and in his thinking (she's brilliant). Brandon is also a huge D.C. sports fan who needs to grow in love towards people who are fans of a particular Dallas football team... pray for him. 


Cindy Leveling


Cindy was literally born to be a mom. Forty years ago, she married her high school sweetheart and together they raised eight amazing kids, five of whom are married and raising their own children. All of their kids live locally so they are indeed blessed to be able to do life with their 18 (in April it will be 20!) grandchildren. As if that isn’t enough, she gets to work at a GREAT church, with kids, and the people who love them; you seriously cannot make this stuff up! It is her passion to impart the reality and love of Jesus to EVERYONE who passes through KidsPoint; young and old, shy or bold, sweet or sassy, nice or naughty, we all need to know how lavishly we are loved by our Father in heaven. In her spare time, she takes care of her chickens, two cats, two dogs, and even manages to sneak in some spontaneous adventures with her sister.


Matt Perez


As a servant-leader, Matthew has a desire to assist and comfort those who are suffering from the loss of a loved one or going through a difficult life circumstance. It has been through great loss and life circumstances that God has shaped Matthew into a person that can walk alongside others and minister to the needs of others in their time of need. Matthew loves the Lord and finds great joy in pointing people to the true counselor and healer, Jesus Christ. Matthew is currently in the process of becoming a pastor in the Wesleyan church. He served in the US Army Reserve for 15 years and currently works for the Department of Army as a civilian in Washington DC. Matthew has lived in Charles County, MD for 11 years and currently resides in Waldorf, MD with his wife Maria and four children. When he is not serving the church and spending time with family, he enjoys the outdoors, fishing, gardening, woodworking and traveling. 

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Kristin Robertson


Kristin was raised in a military family, which meant moving around as a child; however, she always felt at home in the church. She started volunteering in ministry as soon as she was old enough to do so. She loves the Lord and loves showing children how much He loves them. She feels strongly that every child has the God-given potential to be a World Changer…they just need their opportunity. She desires to help children grow deeper in their relationships with the Lord and faithfully teaches them how they can change their world for God’s glory. This ministry starts at home, as she is the mother to five children, Karter, Khristian, Kennedy, Kaitlyn, and Karoline. When she finds a few spare moments, she enjoys a simple night in with her wonderful husband, Kevin. 


Nick Oliver


Pastor Nick  has been serving God  for 7 years in youth ministry. He has a passion for building meaningful relationships and a heart to reach the broken and the lost. Pastor Nick and his wife Robyn, along with their three amazing kids, are excited to step into this new chapter of leading at Avert church, serving the community and pointing people to the freedom that is found in Jesus Christ

For more information about Avert, click here. 


Elaine Stroup


More than just about anything, Elaine loves people! Whether it’s in the church lobby or the grocery store, she loves to connect with others and share God’s love.  Elaine’s favorite people are her husband, JD, and her son, Tim. The cutest little “person” in her world is her dog, Asher, who can often be seen helping his mama in the church office during the week. Elaine also loves to bake, cook and feed people, including the Sunday morning volunteers!


LifePoint LBA

Local Board of Administration

Pictured from left to right:  Nathan Perry, Ileana Garcia (secretary), Krystaufeux Williams, George Tolson, Earl McJett (Vice Chair), Cynthia Kraus (Treasurer), Pastor Michael Rogalski

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