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What to Expect

If you're new to LifePoint Church, we want you to feel like family. Here are a few frequently asked questions that we hope will make you feel more at home on your first visit with us. 

Where should I park?

 We’re honored to have guests come visit, and we want treat you right, starting the minute you pull on the campus. When you pull in the parking lot, please turn on your flashers and our happy parking crew in the bright yellow vests will direct you to a parking spot right in front of the main entrance. 

What is the music like?

Our worship reflects the diversity of our congregation. Whether you like Gospel, Contemporary Christian music, or worship God in another language entirely, there’s something for you at LifePoint Church.

What should I wear?

You might see one person in a 3-piece suit and a tie, another one in sneakers and jeans, and someone else in flip flops and shorts. So come as you are—that’s how people came to Jesus after all. 

How long is the service?

Typically, our services last an hour and five minutes. You’ll experience engaging worship and a Bible-based sermon taught by one of our pastors. If you’re interested in checking out some of our past sermons, click here!

What do you do for kids?

Jesus really loved children and so do we. At KidsPoint, your children fifth grade and younger are invited to learn Jesus on their level with our amazing KidsPoint team. Elementary-aged students will join their families for worship, and then head back to a safe, age-appropriate learning environment in KidsPoint. If you’re interested in what our kids are currently learning, click here!

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