Just like Jesus lived His life in community, you were created to live in community, too. LifeGroups are designed to connect you with a small group of likeminded people who will encourage you in your faith and in every day life. Let us help you get connected with a group that's right for you.

Adult LifeGroup

Brandywine (20613)


This LifeGroup for married couples meets every other Tuesday from 7-9pm. Typically consisting of 6 couples (children welcome), the group will be participating in a book study this semester. All ages welcome.

Led by: Kevin & Cindy Leveling

Young Adult LifeGroup

Waldorf (20613)


This is a young adult small group that meets every Monday night.

Led by: Nick & Robyn Oliver

Sisterhood LifeGroup

Waldorf (20601)


This is a Sisterhood life group for women only.  They meet and fellowship every other Tuesday of the month from 7:00-8:30 p.m.  The study materials and topics usually follow the Sisterhood teaching themes.  They are a fun and diverse group of women from various stages of life who love God, his Word and one another.

Led by: Patrice McJett

Young Adult LifeGroup

Waldorf (20603)


This is a young adult lifegroup for ages 18-30 that meets every other Tuesday at 7:30pm.

Led by: Arielle Blake & Manny Benton

Marriage Is KNOT Perfect

Brandywine (20613)


The Marriage is KNOT Perfect Life group focus on the expectations from God before and after becoming a spouse and parent. With some practical exercises, group discussions, and continuous fellowship, we all begin to learn that Marriage is KNOT Perfect. This group meets every other Sunday from 2-5pm.    

Led by: Darren & Cynthia Smith

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