Our Vision

Everyone's welcome, nobody's perfect, and anything's possible!

Vision Statement

We seek to transform the southeast corridor of 495 with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Visit us at 320Vision.org to learn what God can do through you.

Mission Statement

We point people to life in Jesus Christ through connecting relationally, growing intentionally, serving radically, and leading spiritually. 

Connect Relationally

We invite people to form meaningful relationships with each other and with Christ.

Grow Intentionally

We strive for a deeper relationship with God.

Serve Radically

We seek opportunities to reach our community and our world for Christ.

Lead Spiritually

We are disciples who make disciples. 

Core Values


Come as you are -- Nobody's perfect. 


There is more for you and more through you -- You are empowered. 


We are connected -- We put "we before me."


Bring out the best – Spiritual awareness and self-awareness bring about transformational leadership.


Be rich in generosity -- You are blessed to be a blessing. 


Be simple, excellent, and focused – The mission is too big to be boring, too compelling to be casual, too simple to be cluttered, and too distinct to get distracted.